Fancy Phone Fiasco.

So it’s about 11:30pm right now, and I was about to go to bed, but I’m to irked for sleep at the moment, and I’ll explain why. I’ve had the same phone for awhile now, and while it’s one of the best phones I’ve ever had, It’s reached a ripe old age of about three years. I’m honestly surprised it has lasted this long, but it has. It’s survived my chronic clumsiness, and habit of dumping my mountain dew on it. It’s been run over twice, dropped in a sink full of water, dropped, kicked, thrown at a wall to prove it could take it….The list of examples is pretty long, and would raise some serious questions about my life choices, but before all this, it was also a used phone was given to me needless to say, this phone is a tough old thing. Sure I complain about it’s endless glitching, and freezing up, but we have a special…odd bond. But I think it’s reached the end of it’s adventurous, abusive life as my electronic side kick. So when I reluctantly decided that it was time for a new sidekick, my mom offered me her old phone. It was practically brand new, it just needed  a new screen. So i purchased one…of course I did, any excuse to buy something, is a good excuse…And for the past two weeks I’ve been waiting at the window like a little kid, staring at the mail box, waiting for this special package. But as I sat at the table tonight, and fought tooth and nail to first of all, take the phone apart, I failed and went to my dad for help, because he’s pretty good with these things. It went a lot smoother from there, once I pulled up my handy -dandy youtube tutorial, but after a few minutes of his struggle with it, it was pretty evident which parent I get my easy irritability from. Finally, we shared a mutual sigh of relief when we managed to get it apart, and exchanged a sacred high five. This may sound like a happy ending….But you are so very, very, very wrong. We chipperly began the process of reassembling the phone with it’s new screen, only to realize what I purchased was not an actual screen, but instead, a “Screen digitizer replacement”. First of all, “Digitizer” isn’t even a real word!!!!!!!! Second of all, why would you not add that information in the description? Nowhere in the info section, did it say “Don’t waist your time, or money, it’s not an actual phone screen, we’re just using fancy fake words to confuse you to get your money”, but it did say “Once opened, returns are not accepted”…….Well, thanks. So, after about ten minutes of silent profanity, and trying to will it into being what I needed it to be, I gave up. I didn’t even put it back together, I just shoved the parts, screws, and brand new screen imposter into a zipper baggy and back into the fancy box it came in, where I then banished it to the cabinet where all the other useless junk goes. I’m not even going to bother with the sleek, shiny, elegantly crafted thing, because tomorrow I’m buying a new phone, and not one from an overrated manufacturer who purposely makes glass screened junk, that is honestly way too big, and unnecessarily fragile.


Moral of the story is, my Samsung core prime (I think that’s its name, I call it Lola) is honestly the only phone I’ve found that can survive a clumsy girl with a habit of drowning her phone in soda, and subjecting it to numerous forms of abusive.  Now that I’ve finished my post rant, I’m going to go wallow in self pity…and pretend my phone fiasco didn’t take place.

As always, peace out Lovelies.




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