The True Meaning of Feminism, and Why It’s Important to me.



/’feme, nizem/


“The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”


Before you ask, yes I classify myself as a feminist. A lot of people who know me are shocked to hear this, and often get the wrong idea, thinking I’m a horrible person. So in lieu of international women’s day, I wanted to explain what my view of feminism is really about. Today’s society sees feminism as a bad thing, women trying to rule the world, and a lot of times they’re right. But there are two types of feminists in the world. The first, and most common, are the feminists who believe that all woman are equal to men, and deserve the same rights, choices, and respect as men. This is what I am. The second, and more commonly covered by media, are the female supremacists, who call themselves feminists. They believe that women are above men in all ways, and deserve the right to walk all over anyone of the opposing gender, with no consequences, or questions asked. The first option is the movement I am a part of. Now you may be thinking “Well Abby, women already have all the same rights as men, there’s no need for feminists anymore.” and you’d be right, in the legal sense of the idea. We can vote, own property, make our own choices, but that is not all there is to it. Though we have all of our legal rights, women are still commonly questioned for their decisions, their ideas, and their choices. The feminist fight is no longer for legal rights, but for the right to be treated with the same respect and view men are given. To be able to have large hopes, and dream big, without being belittled, or looked down upon for it. I don’t agree with a lot of things most feminists do, however. Meaning things such as free bleeding, abortion, and things along those lines, but that’s a discussion for another time. Society calls the people who support feminism activists, rebels, and anarchist women. But true feminism is not just females. There are men all around the world who agree with, as well as avidly support the real feminist movement, because it isn’t about belittling one gender over the other, but raising them both into a world of male/female equality. I still believe that woman and men are created differently, and women have different purposes than men. I think we are definitely opposites, yet equals. We stand for the right to be referred to by our success, by our achievements, our life goals, not what gender we are. Does this mean I don’t appreciate things like men holding the door for me, helping me when things are to heavy for me to lift, or them calling me miss or ma’am? Absolutely not. Because I also realize that it’s not because they see us as dainty, helpless little things, but because they do view us as equals, and treat us with kindness and respect. If I have sons of my own, I will teach them how a woman should be treated, with common courtesy and respect. But I’ll also teach them that they are not superior, not inferior to women. And the same goes if I have daughters, and I’ll teach them that they are allowed to be smart, successful, and that if they have to fight for what they want, that they should, and they should work hard, and be stubborn in their beliefs, but also kind, loving, and compassionate, because those are things that much of the world is lacking today. And as the middle child, and only girl of five children, this is how we were raised. It’s not a man-woman thing anymore, it’s human decency, and respect. Things that everyone should be taught, and should act upon through out their entire lives. I’ve been blessed with the majority of people in my life, because they all encourage my success, and my hopes and dreams no matter how big or small, and they support my life wholeheartedly. But there is still a vast majority of women who aren’t granted such decency, and until then, the feminist movement persists. I am no better than any man, and no man is better than me.

Happy international Women’s day! And remember, a people united will always be stronger together. Peace out, Lovelies.








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