Searching for Adventures!

My name is Abby, and honestly, there’s not much to say about me. So, I’ve decided that during 2017, I’m going to make my life more interesting to talk about. So far I’ve started a new job working in a small family owned restaurant, mostly I just make french fries, and smile at people. I come home smelling like ranch dressing and fry oil everyday, but it still manages to be incredibly fun for me. Really, the only thing I don’t enjoy is having to pull my hair up, and wearing shoes, but I’m an adult, so I suck it up and deal with it, like any adult would….I think. I’ve also managed to have some what a social life that isn’t only through social media, and honestly I prefer it over my social media. It’s only like two friends that I have at the moment, but any more than that and I might get a bit overwhelmed….Baby steps. Baby steps, people. My job kind of kick started my social life, by making me talk to people everyday, and by kick start, I mean it smashed it’s foot right through the door and drug me out into the world of talkative people. I’ve always been a people watcher, distant watcher…like mostly people I wouldn’t ever have to speak too, ever. But now that I’ve heard the stories, and hopes, and dreams of the new people i meet everyday, i find myself craving to hear more from them. And last, but not least, I’ve started this blog to help myself keep track of my new adventures, and also hopefully to entertain anyone who stumbles onto it. So, over all, I’d say I’ve been somewhat successful for only being three months into the year. And now I’ll finish this post with my new 2017 bucket list, and at the end of the year, I’ll see if I’ve been successful in quest for fun.

1.) Make at least five new friends.

2.) Inspire someone.

3.) Try twenty two different kinds of ice cream.

4.) Go see floating lanterns.

5.) Plant a tree.

6.) Throw paint filled balloons at a wall.

7.) Go to a midnight movie premiere.

8.) Finish an entire coloring book.

9.) Try the vegan diet everyone suggests to me.

10.) Have a night I’ll never forget.

11.) Tie dye a shirt with my best friend.

12.) Use a fake, outrageous name at Starbucks.

13.) Learn my four favorite songs on the piano.

14.) Get my first tattoo.

15.) Watch the sun rise from a roof.

16.) Go star gazing.

17.) Have a paint fight.

18.) Attend a medieval times show.

19.) Take polaroid pictures of all of my favorite things.

20.) Go on an epic picnic.

21.) Sing another duet.

22.) Maybe go on an actual date, without chickening out.

23.) Do a vocal cover of a good song.

24.) Buy a car.

25.) Adopt a soldier, and send regular care packages.



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